Nicholas Wencis
Class Year

Born and raised in Atkinson, NH, I spent the first 10 years of my professional career living in Boston where I worked in the Finance and Technology industries.  In 2021, through a combination of health and work-related events, I endured a year of trials and tribulations.  It was during this difficult time that I encountered the Lord through a profound religious conversion and heard a call to the priesthood.

A pivotal point for me in my discernment process, was when right before a Zoom job interview, I heard a voice that didn’t come from me say, “You’d rather do this than work for me?”. There is no doubt in my mind that God was speaking to me.  This event, combined with many others, further solidified my calling to be a priest.

I was drawn to Pope Saint John XXIII due to the fact that it’s built for late vocation priests such as myself.  I’ve very excited to meet, and to study with people who have had similar paths in the professional world, and ultimately who have experienced a conversion or specific calling to the priesthood.