Clifton Mastran
Class Year

Clifton grew up in Florida with his parents and younger brother and attended the University of Florida. Before entering Pope St. John XXIII, he attained an 18-year professional career in the Department of Defense, 7 years in Rhode Island and 11 in Washington, D.C., Clifton entered seminary at Saint John Paul II for 2 years and has now transferred to PSJS.

“The Lord called out to me from the very depths of my soul! God had been working on me for a number of years, and when the time was right, the doors were finally opened. I am so grateful to have been given this vocation from Jesus, and I have never been more happy or excited in my entire life. Through the actions of the Holy Spirit, I was brought to PSJS to continue my journey with the Lord on the road to serving in His Holy Priesthood. I am so grateful to be here!”