Gerardo Tlatelpa
Class Year

Gerardo is a native of Puebla, Mexico. Prior to attending PSJS, he worked in the restaurant industry. Seeking a deeper fulfillment and happiness, he was invited to a spiritual retreat where, he says, the Lord transformed his life. Since that time, he began serving at his home parish, Our Lady of Refuge in Brooklyn, NY. He then lived at St. John Paul II House of Discernment in Brooklyn, NY.

“It was a tremendous experience living in the St. John Paul II house in Brooklyn. I am very grateful to my Bishop for sending me to PSJS and could not ask for a better place to continue discerning my vocation and grow closer to God. I am very grateful to be among great brothers and faculty. There is a strong brotherhood in this seminary. In my spare time, I like to listen to music, play sports, socialize with friends and family (both in New York and Detroit, Michigan), and be among people who love God. My main goal is to evangelize and serve God’s people.”