Marc Morano
Class Year

Marc has always worked in the factory industry, most recently in a pharmaceutical vitamin factory in the shipping and receiving department in New Jersey. Marc has five course certificates in Theology from Catholic Distance University online. He explored the monastic life before deciding upon diocesan priesthood as a way to serve the Church. Marc has one daughter.
“I have felt the call of God upon my heart since I was a child but did not have good direction and no practicing Catholics in my family to help direct me. I attended university and joined the workforce, but I knew there had to be more to life.  And the call of God became much stronger now. Discernment brought me to an Episcopalian monastery, two Trappist monasteries then finally to my diocese to apply for the priesthood. My vocation director, Fr. Ed Rama, is a graduate of PSJS and recommended I study here.  In just my few weeks here, I’ve never met such supportive, wonderful men and faculty in all my life.  Lord willing, I’m finally on the right path and aim to stay that way.”