Audited Financial Statements

Through careful and responsible stewardship, Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary continues to maintain a strong statement of financial position despite the demographic challenges facing the higher education industry and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in compliance with the Act to Support Improved Financial Stability in Higher Education, Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary is pleased to present our Audited Financial Statements. The Act requires institutions of higher learning in the Commonwealth to “post on its website a copy of the institution’s annual financial report or statement…and a summary of the report, however termed, that is written in terms that are understandable by the general public.”

G.T. Reilly & Company has completed their independent audit of Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary FY 2020 and FY 2019 financial statements and issued an unmodified opinion.


Fiscal year 2022

FY 22 Financial Summary Report

FY 22 Audited Financial Statements


Fiscal year 2021

FY21 Financial Summary Report

FY 21 Audited Financial Statements


Fiscal Year 2020

FY 20 Financial Summary Report

FY 20 Audited Financial Statements