Br. John Kim
Class Year

Br. John was born in South Korea to a devout Catholic family. After graduating from college, he taught high school English in Korea. Yet, a yearning for God and a desire for deeper meaning tugged at his heart. In response to God’s call, he entered the Trappist monastery of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer and began a new life in answer to the Lord’s invitation.

“Now, with eleven years as a monk behind me, a new chapter is opening, a time that will prepare me for service to my monastic brothers through the liturgy and sacraments of the holy priesthood. I know there will be challenges. But my monastery has a long relationship with PSJS going back to Fr. Simon Sansone ’89, Vincent Rogers ’10 (now our abbot), Fr. Emmanuel Morinelli ’14, and Br. Stephen Shanahan ’21. These brothers have all impressed upon me the extraordinary support of the PSJS faculty. My first year is just beginning but I have already witnessed that same generous encouragement and I am most grateful!”