Maximilian Marcott
Class Year

A native of Norman, Oklahoma, Max spent much of his career in residential carpentry, focusing on creating custom furniture. Max also spent a year as a live-in “Lifeguard” volunteer with the Gospel of Life Disciples in Oklahoma City. He has also taught part-time at two local Catholic grade schools. “During the lowest point of my life, God’s unfathomable mercy broke through all of my resistance. After considerable time and much prayer, I was given a completely overwhelming experience of His love for all of us as He pointed me towards the priesthood. I pursued the call and was accepted by Archbishop Coakley as a seminarian. I was sent here to PSJS and I had no reason to object. It is with a grateful heart that I now say I truly feel that I am right where I am supposed to be. Never EVER let yourself doubt God’s mercy and love, or your dignity and worth in His eyes!”