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Seminarian Presents at University of Notre Dame

Join us in congratulating seminarian Lambert Nieme ’18 for his recent participation in a conference held at University of Notre Dame. Lambert ventured out to Indiana for The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture’s 18th Annual Fall Conference (November 9-11, 2017).  As described on their website, this annual affair is “one of the most important venues for fruitful dialogue and exchange among the world's leading Catholic thinkers as well as those from other traditions, on pressing and vexed questions of ethics, culture, and public policy.” This year, participants were asked to “explore the perennial problem of good and evil, the significance of this distinction for human flourishing and the common good, and the place of good and evil in the theory and practice of various academic disciplines." Lambert was invited to present a paper which he entitled “Good and Evil: In the Heart of Human Suffering.”  Lambert is currently working on a book about this topic.

Great job, Lambert! 

Read an abstract of Lambert’s topic below.

To learn more about the Notre Dame program, click here:

Abstract by Lambert Nieme

Good and Evil: In the Heart of Human Suffering

A human being is a being-with-others, a relational being. He cannot live in isolation, but only in society. However, this ontological feature does not always allow a human being to meet the requirements of common life. Instead, he is driven by a desire to increase his own happiness against the interests and the good of the community.

For the sake of the common good, human beings agree to a social contract and establish a political community. Despite the political power instituted for the good of all, human society is still facing evil and suffering. This raises the question about the roots of evil in its opposition to good and its relation to human suffering. Is there: 1) an ontological predisposition to good, 2) a propensity to evil within human nature, and 3) an existential predisposition to humanity?

How do rich countries and poor countries, especially in Africa, face the problem of good and evil in regards to human flourishing and human suffering?



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