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John Healy might have been the perfect guy to be there when anguished Lynn residents asked, “Why?” following yesterday morning’s conflagration that claimed four lives.

“I think of a line from an old spiritual that tells us, ‘We’ll understand it better by and by.’ ”

With him, that’s not theoretical theology.

At 65, a priest for only three years, Father John lost his wife, Mary, a decade ago, just two weeks shy of their 30th anniversary.

Forty seminarians made a pilgrimage to see Pope Francis in Washington, DC. On the way to Washington, I read the Pope’s biography and learned this was his first trip to America. Think of it, instead of us going to see the Pope in Rome, the Pope was actually coming to see us here in the U.S.!  His biography related many similarities to some of our influences; he was a cardinal like Cardinal O’Malley, a bishop like Bishop Uglietto, a seminary rector like Father Palardy, a spiritual director like Father Murphy, and a teacher before becoming a priest.

On September 1st - we had our "Topping Off" ceremony where the final steel beam (signed by faculty, staff and seminarians) was put into the new Learning Center.

To view move photos, visit our Flickr site

WESTON -- With 350 guests gathered for the 34th Annual Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary Lawn Party in Weston, Sept. 16, the annual dinner highlighted ongoing construction of a new learning center.

"To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that the lawn party has been held at an active construction site," said John Corcoran, who chaired the Lawn Party with his wife Julie and their four daughters.

Hello and welcome!

Around this time each year, I like to give a couple of our newly ordained priests an opportunity to share their experiences with you. I think it is wonderful to way for you to hear their stories in their own words and get to know them a little better.

This week, we will hear from Father Chris Lowe and next week Father Andrew Filippucci will share his reflection with you.

– Cardinal Seán



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