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Mass for the Institution of Acolyte

Feb. 13, 2019 – Most Rev. Robert J. McManus of the Diocese of Worcester joined our community Wednesday night as presider at Mass for the Institution of Acolyte.  Family and friends along with priests from representative dioceses came to support nine men who were appointed acolytes as part of their advancement in Seminary formation.

The ministry of Acolyte is one of service at the altar. Think of the man who brought the scroll to Jesus in the synagogue or the boy whose loaves and fishes provided the food that Our Lord multiplied for thousands, or Joseph of Arimathea who provided the tomb and linens for the burial of the crucified Christ. It's a ministry of attentive service and love.

Pray with us for these men as they step forward in deeper service and love for God’s Church and for the people who support them and seek their guidance in living the way Jesus would have us live.

View photos of the Mass and appointments here: Ministry of Acolyte 2019

New Acolytes

Ernesto Alonso Aguila

Diocese of Brooklyn, NY

Russell A. Bergman

Diocese of Albany, NY

James J. Boulette

Diocese of Worcester, MA

Hoa Binh Ha

Diocese of Oakland, CA

Jerome A. Kleponis

Diocese of Harrisburg, PA

Robinson Olivares

Diocese of Brooklyn, NY

Bertrand L. Proulx

Archdiocese of Boston, MA

Daniel D. Sanesca

Diocese of Brooklyn, NY

James M. Thomson

Archdiocese of Adelaide, AU


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