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Academic Calendar 2016 - 2017

Fall Semester

Arrival of new students Aug.27 (Sat.)
Orientation of new students

Aug.28 - 31 (Sun.- Wed.)

Arrival of upper classes for evening meal Aug.31 (Wed.)
Orientation for entire student body Sept.1 (Thurs.)
Classes begin Sept.2 (Fri.)
Labor Day (no classes) Sept.5 (Mon.)
Full Faculty Meeting Sept.13 (Tues.)
Retreat (beginning in the evening) Oct. 9 (Sun.)
Retreat (ending at noon) Oct.14 (Fri.)
Regular Pastoral Assignments Oct.15 - 16 (Sat. - Sun.)
Classes Resume Oct.17 (Mon.)
Veterans’ Day observed (no classes) Nov.11 (Mon.)
Thanksgiving vacation after classes & pastoral assignments Nov.22 (Tues.)
Classes resume Nov.28 (Mon.)
Last Class Day Dec.12 (Mon.)
Study Day Dec.13 (Tues.)
Examinations Dec. 14 - 17 (Wed. - Sat.)

Second Semester

Second Semester begins Jan.11 (Wed.)
Martin Luther King Day observed (no classes) Jan.16 (Mon.)
Full Faculty Meeting Jan.17 (Tues.)
Diaconate Ordination Jan.21 (Sat.)
National March for Life Jan.23 (Mon.)
Presidents’ Day (no classes) Feb.20 (Mon.)
Ash Wednesday (no classes) March 1 (Wed.)
Mid - Semester break begins March 6 (Mon.)
Classes Resume March 13 (Mon.)
Easter Break begins after class and pastoral assignment April 12 (Wed.)
Classes resume April 24 (Mon.)
Last Class Day May 8 (Mon.)
Study Day May 9 (Tues.)
Examinations May 10 - 13 (Wed. - Sat.)

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