Deacon Eugene Schaeffer
Class Year

Deacon Gene was employed in healthcare IT for about 30 years, mostly as a leader of application developers and business analysts. His last job was at Centene Corp, a healthcare company primarily in the Medicare and Medicaid markets. In addition to being a deacon and working, Gene is also blessed by two wonderful daughters and most recently two amazing and beautiful grandkids. “Several years ago, my spiritual director suggested that I should consider being a priest. I laughed and said I was too old, but it reminded me of how I felt as a high school student all those years ago; regarding the desire to be a priest. I went home that night and started searching the internet for Catholic seminaries for older men and discovered Pope St. John XXIII. After visiting last Fall, I worked with my formation director and bishop, took care of the logistics of life, applied, and was accepted. I continue to try to discern God’s will for my life, and by His will, I hope to return to St. Louis as a priest in 2022”.