Hoa Binh Ha
Class Year

Binh has been in the United States for ten years, having arrived in 2008 from Viet Nam. He worked in a nursing home as a recreation assistant and intern while studying for his BS in Recreational Therapy certificate at Cal State University. While volunteering at his local parish in the choir and as a lector, he helped to organize parish special events. Binh continued to feel the pull to become a priest and contacted the local Vocations Office and began the serious and mature path to priesthood. “At a young age back in Viet Nam, a seminarian who visited our school had a strong influence on my thinking. Additionally, a very good friend who is a priest in CT helped me organize my thinking and helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue becoming a priest. I was nervous to come here, not knowing anyone at all on the East Coast. Yet, when I arrived at PSJS XXIII I felt at peace.”