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Mark Brantley

Diocese of Dodge City | Class of 2017

Mark Brantley began his life’s journey right down the road from Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary in Waltham, MA. As an Air Force pilot and the son of an FBI agent, Mark has lived and worked in all parts of the world. After retiring from the Air Force, he flew for a number of years as a commercial airline pilot. He admits hearing God calling him many times to the priesthood and always thinking “I’m too old.” It was while on a parish mission trip in what he calls his “perfect storm.” Mark met the daughter of class of 2015 seminarian Russ Mower, and learned about Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary.  The “I’m too old” excuse no longer applied and God’s whispers turned into shouts. “In January 2013, my life’s journey took a 180 degree turn,” he says that turn brought him to Pope St. John XXIII seminary.

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